addressing patreon trolls

I’ve been chasing the #patreon search pretty heavy to seek out who else is on Patreon that isn’t a big name, someone just starting out, or someone with not a huge following.  Of course, I come across the trolls on this hashtag as well.  Part of me wonders if they really have nothing better to do than to poke fun?  A cyber troll needs a bridge to lay under, too, I guess.

The trolling was really memes and gifs directed towards creators that we wouldn’t supply something unless paid upfront first.

I could see how someone might try to take advantage of the system – but if that’s not working between the creator(s) and their patrons, then the success can’t be too great, or for too long.

Going through what I currently have on Patreon, and what I’ve posted on here, I realize I really did forget to talk about something really important.  And, I want to bring that up to avoid the misrepresentation of holding my hand out on Patreon.

I plan on making my work available for free.  Through Patreon – it will be available there.  The rewards I offer on Patreon are for extra goodies with the available writing.  Such as, earlier access to it, earlier access to downloads, having you name printed in the book as a huge thank you for helping to back the project, ask me anything’s, etc.

Regardless if I have $0 backing me or $500 backing me, I will continue to write – I will continue to make it available for reading.



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