Camera Gear

I started off with a Canon Rebel T6s – Amelia – and learned a lot about working with a camera. A decent amount of pictures in my portfolio are from that camera. I loved this camera and will always recommend it.  Whether you’re just getting started or have years of experience under your belt, this is such a reliable camera.

I now use a Canon 5D Mark IV – Eleanor, AKA The Beast. I cannot gush enough about this camera. It’s amazing in low light situations and has a lot of bells and whistles to really bring your creativity to a new level. Eleanor has help me to become a better photographer and find my own vision. Buy it here:

Gopro Hero5 Black.  I have a lot of fun with my GoPro.  I love being able to take it in the water with me and have no worries about the camera getting damaged, but I still get a lot of great quality content.  However – GoPro no longer features this camera on their site since they’re now at the GoPro 7 series.

Gopro Karma Grip.  The grip is awesome – it provides a great way for me to get smooth footage as I hike or am doing something with a lot of movement.  Between the gopro’s image stabilization and the grip, I’m really happy with the video quality.

Never leave home without this tripod.

The above equipment is gear I’ve purchased on my own.  I am not sponsored by these companies.  Although I would love to be.

I hope this page is helpful!

Check out my portfolio to see some stuff I’ve done with this gear!

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