I’ve had an on and off again relationship with journaling for decades.  When it first started, I was a young girl and a lot of the girls I had read about kept journals, or I was reading their journals.  And as I started to hit ten – fourteen years old, I received journals as presents from family members and friends.  It felt like the thing you’re supposed to do.

But there were never really instruction manuals, no one ever really was like ‘do this with it’.  So, I wrote my feelings.  And felt self-conscious about it.  And wrote stories.  And felt self-conscious about it.  And stopped writing shit.  And wrote about sexual adventures.  And stopped writing.

As I got older, I – of course – realized I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with them.  I suppose I’m curious about the value.  Sometimes I felt obligated if I was trying to keep a journal.

“Haven’t written for a couple of days, should probably unload.”

I hate feeling forced to care about something that’s meant to be quite casual.

Anyone keep a personal journal?  Profit from it?

With my current shift to unemployment and focusing on writing and traveling, it feels like something I should attempt to keep with me.  Good practice and exercise… maybe?


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