didn’t mean to start this on a new year

I know myself enough to be entirely too aware of how much I do not commit to resolutions going into a new year. (Although, I do try.  Try and make one up, anyway.  Something that won’t disappoint me if I don’t attain it.)  Which is why it’s interesting I decided to blank slate my cyber life, as best as possible, around this time.  I truly think it just happens to be the timing of how I’ve been setting it up for a couple months now, and it naturally happened upon January 1st.  (Which was also my day off.)

I’m launching this blog at the same time that I’m relaunching my Patreon page (I’ve learned some things over the five months of unsuccessfully having one).  And it felt appropriate to have a blog.  Patreon is very creator providing creations to the wanted recipient, and not so much a website to play around with in terms of having multiple pages and instantly feeding into other social media outlets.  Patreon is also about supporting, not just with love, but with financial backing as well.  And I think that tends to get uncomfortable with some readers in general, let alone giving money to a non-famous person specifically.

I’m currently putting together a collection of short stories, and I thought it would be fun to chronicle that process on here and share it.  See where it goes.

The collection is called Modern Day Miracles, Brought to you by Jesus Christ, Infomercial Star & other Tales of the Impending Apocalypse (Potentially Preventable with Heavy Missile Use)

It’s a real tearjerker.




Where's the Bear Update

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  1. Can’t wait to watch this unfold…You’re on to great things. Thank you for taking me on a little piece of your journey.

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