empower each other and masturbate freely 

I’m currently after a specific job in a photo studio. My background is heavily in operations and labor planning, and strangely that’s exactly what they’re seeking.

My thought process is not to cut corners, but to be as efficient about things as possible. This is the kind of trait that causes trouble in the relationships I have with people. If I know you enough to predict, nearly verbatim, what you will say, I avoid wasting the time of actually having the interaction. If I’m horny and on the couch, it’s more efficient to masturbate while Bob’s Burgers fills the background noise then getting up and seeking out the person in the other room and foreplay them up to my current level of wetness.

I spoke with the recruiter and said, “Can you please skim my resume and tell me how realistic this is? I’m not a fan of wasting anyone’s time.”

“Do you want this?” She asked.

“Yes, very much.”

“Don’t apologize for wanting something. You go out there and take it.”

I don’t know where in the world this woman is located, but I could feel her punch my soul with a fantastical energy. It’s how she said it, her quickened familiarity with me.

I feel so fucking inspired.

Cheers to women empowering other women. Cheers to humans empowering other humans.

Fuck. Yes. Have a great day. Do it. Do the yes.

A picture from the eastern edge of a part of this world:


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