getting the writing schedule down

Day one of introducing the writing schedule, and we’re doing alright.  I’m not very good at being a morning person, so I’ve blocked off 2000 – 2200 every night.  I’m prepared for it to get shifted around for life a bit, but two hours every day without fail.  Even if I’m not typing for the entirety of two hours, it’s a start.

I spent some time checking through some old notes I had, used the Thesaurus.  But – all relevant.  There is some focus in the old gal yet.

I’m happy I did it.  Because this is where it starts.  Enjoying the investment of it.  I’ve been worried, but getting started on day one was amazing.

1408 words. Unedited. Was that the name of a horror movie?

This is just a quick post, but to anyone who’s reading this:

You’re doing great – everything will be alright.



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