hello from the labrador sea

I’m on a red eye, headed for Keflavik airport in Iceland as I type this.  And I love the technology of this world that to type that sentence is even possible.

Just a quick note for this week’s post – I’m going to be in Iceland in a few hours!  My day has been spent packing and driving and flying and traveling and making sure everything is okay for the journey…. but I didn’t want to lose the great routine I’ve had for the last month or so and make sure I still try to post on Sunday.

I purchased the wifi to hand a homework assignment in on time, so I’m definitely trying to make the most of the cost of it!

I have limited access to the internet and social media for the next 8 days, but when I do, I’ll be sharing my moments on instagram (and that automatically feeds into my twitter account).

My handles for both are @tabicusmaximus.


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