i quit my job

The first step is admitting you have a problem, everything else after that is two things:

1) reaction: clean up the mess that was left behind
2) proaction: prevent it from happening again

Lessons learned all around.  I quit my job, and that’s where my problem was.  The investment into working ridiculous hours, no set schedule.  I was renting a room for a little while, and when that contract went up, I’ve been scrounging to live in a cheap motel an hour away from work.  I came from Arizona to Boston to take a chance on something that didn’t turn out well at all.  And while I’m incredibly bummed it couldn’t work, I’m relieved even more to be done with it.

There are things here that don’t add up well.  And I’ve become a miserable and sour sort of person that I truly am not.  My writing has ceased, and I even complained to a fellow blogging friend, “I haven’t touched my site since April.”  It’s such a fail, and falls into inexcusable.

My last day is next week, but I’m already feeling pretty free.  The pressure is off.  And although later in the summer I am headed towards another job, it has a better work-life balance, and the writing and photography and traveling will continue with less friction.

Updates on locations:

This weekend I will be in NYC for BookCon 2017.

As of next week I’ll be based out of Pennsylvania.

At the end of June I’ll be going to the Northwest (Washington State, Oregon, and bits of Canada if my renewed passport shows up in time) for a build-your-own writing and photography retreat.

In July, I’ll be in Nevada for a couple of weeks for other things.

In August, a minor stint in Cape Cod.

There we are.  The rough tour for Where in the World is Tabitha Bear?

Fall adventures have yet to be determined.  But here we are.

I’m feeling really good and ready to rock the fuck out of this.  Stay tuned for the writing and the pictures.  I’m excited to start sharing it all.

Picture taken in Newport, RI with Canon Rebel T6s, 50 mm f/1.8 STM lens. 



Where's the Bear Update

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