i’m molting…

I got involved in some serious sunburn during my time in the Pacific Northwest. Partnered with a congested cold of some variety, I was down for the count.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Reno, NV. There are some plans to visit some other areas during this trip, but I’m primarily in Reno for the next three weeks. I’d love to hear some hiking suggestions, parks, museums; ALL OF THE THINGS.

I’m going to post about my PNW trip shortly.

In the mean time. I’m packing again – shedding skin into my new human form – preparing for a turn in the desert.

Picture from the Keeper’s door at the top of New Dungeness Lighthouse in Sequim, WA. Taken with Canon. (Will update with Canon settings.) 


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  1. 120 Degrees of miserable heat, will be waiting and hovering in anticipation of your arrival. Don’t shed too much skin!

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