it’s been a day, man

Work was work, but getting a car accident on the way home is not the usual routine. Although I’ve been in car accidents before, it was never my car or me driving. This time: my car and I was driving.

Everyone involved is perfectly fine.

Not my fault.

But there it is, I guess. The real world crashes in whenever it needs to and provides reminders that we’re human.

Call the one that got away.

Give your dog extra kisses and let the cats jump on the furniture.

All of the things. All of the yes.

Dr. Pepper, Jax cheese curls and ice cream for dinner.

Still going to write.

Call Me When You Get to Bear Hill Tower is coming along well.

It will be posted to Patreon, but I’ll announce it and give a direct link here.

You only live once, and other parting words of an upset girl.

Story Where's the Bear Update

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