it’s been awhile

It’s been awhile, but I guess these kinds of things happen.  You lose touch.

I bought some Wonder Woman stamps the other day, they were too pretty not to.  It was WW art since she’s appeared in comics, they’re awesome.  It made me wonder what’s happened to the art of sending letters, though.

Sure, texts and e-mails and social media have kind of replaced letters.  But, there is a little more work that goes into sending someone a letter, and we’ve lost out on the art of it.

When I was in the 7th grade, I had a penpal from England.  I loved bragging about it.  I had a friend thousands of miles away, that I had never met, but we talked.  We opened up our lives to each other.  I just wish that was still around.

I tried to search for penpals through google, I found a lot of virtual stuff.  Becoming virtual penpals with random people around the globe.  You e-mail and connect through a sponsored website.  Or there are proper snail mail penpals through untrustworthy looking sites.  I might as well give all my money to a prince in Nigeria who needs it more than I do, along with my banking and social security information.

There is excitement when a personal letter shows up that someone has written just for you.  It’s endearing.

I don’t think I know most of my friend’s addresses, let alone remember their phone numbers because my phone holds all of that information for me.  I was a little rolodex as a kid, memorizing addresses proudly, phone numbers.  Now that I’m older, it has more of a creepy tone to remember such details.  Suddenly, an address is intimate.  Only is allowed to know where I live.

My hippie is showing a bit, but penpals might bring around a little world peace.


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