mind the mess

As I’ve put myself out there to travel more, connect with more people, and learn more about how to travel better and connect with people more intimately, I’ve spent a lot of time focused on my instagram page, with twitter in the backseat.

Where I’m failing is to properly document and share a lot of these experiences is HERE on my own page.  My following is small, but more important, my engagement doesn’t exist and my posting is inconsistent.

I put a lot of pressure on my instagram account, for whatever reason, but that prioritization needs to shift.  Over the next few weeks, this site will be evolving into something more substantial.  Please bear with the changes, but this gal needs an overhaul.

It’s a problem when I’m not proud of what I have representing myself and my travel experiences on this site and I plan on fixing that and then some.

Picture taken with Canon 5D Mark IV at Women’s Travel Fest in NYC about two weeks ago.


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