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I’ve recently made the mistake, when someone asked if I had a business card and/or website, to reply with, “I have a website, but it’s really boring.”  She sidestepped the remark and said she wanted my website anyway to observe my growth, which I thought was a rather generous response considering mine was naive.

I have some friends that follow, and the more I post, the more I seem to pick up some people I don’t know.  (Hello to those new follows and the occasional passerby.)

After the words left my mouth, informing someone I’m boring, when I’m attempting to get my feet on the ground with “this sort of thing”, I could feel the inner-me slap my face so hard.

What a terrible thing to say about myself.  Truly, I was being honest.  I’m still figuring it all out as I go along.  Documenting it here for all the world to see as I stumble to gain a little balance and clarity.  But the statement lacks confidence, and I’d hate to give the wrong impression that I don’t have faith in myself.

I wasn’t prepared to be approached so specifically about my photography.  Which, really, how silly.  There was a brick wall I was setting up my camera equipment on so I can get some steady shots of Mount St. Helens.  And yet it all seemed so surprising to me.

If the woman I met (and interestingly enough, the few people who approached me after her asking the same thing) has managed to join in, hello.  And thank you for inquiring about what I do and asking to see more of it.  I am grateful, and please enjoy what I have to offer, and what is yet to come.

Thank you – also – for coining the phrase “Where’s the Bear?”  That will become it’s own page in due time.



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