the funny part of the business

I’m still figuring out my camera.  Which I think is great.  I started off with a Nikon D3200 (I think?) – and it felt so complicated and foreign, I could barely wrap my head around it.

WTF do you mean ISO? – me from the past.

I had it for a couple of years, and as I became more informed, and figured out the knob and shots and what have you – I realized that camera wasn’t for me.  GOOD CAMERA.  Not knocking it, at all.  But, no chemistry, for whatever reason.

I felt like Harry Potter searching for the right wand in Ollivander’s.  (Yeah, I went there.)

I still feel like that at times.  On my current camera – Canon Rebel T6s, I know there are features I won’t use.  Or, really don’t use as often because I’m strictly on more manual settings at this point.  I don’t use the auto feature, or the instant landscape, or portrait, active… etc. etc.  It feels so much like cheating.

I want to know what my ISO is and my shutter speed and my aperture, etc. etc.  Those features automatically set it, and that’s it.  There are cameras that don’t have these, but I feel like I’m on a good transitional camera.  And when I get to that point – whenever it is, I’ll make the switch.

But if you check out my instagram – @tabicusmaximus – you’ll see the progress.  It’s been a great journey.

There is one matter of recent business that cracks me up a bit:

There is an end-goal here, and that’s to do this full-time and live off of being a traveler through my writing and photography, and knowing that people in the world are enjoying what I share.

My average of likes and comments are growing, but on average, I get 40 – 50 likes per photo.  This time last year, the average was about 10 likes per photo, all from people I do know.  And I’m super happy with that growth.  A decent amount of the engagement I see now is from people I don’t know, who don’t follow me, but they’ve taken the time to let me know they like what I’ve posted.  It’s a good feeling.

I have hiked hours for these photos, traveled by plane and automobile, and by legs, hundreds to thousands of miles.  (Maybe not thousands of miles by leg…)  I’ve hiked through Iceland, the desert, Pacific Northwest – and increased my skills of photography (and hiking).

Nothing cracked me up more to take a silly old picture with my phone of a new lens I purchased, and have that be a winning post.  Canon commented on it, and hundreds of people liked it, and I gained 50 more followers in a night.

It’s the damnedest thing, really.  I’m sure Canon commenting and liking the photo was a huge influence on the post itself – but doesn’t that beat all?  A quick snap of a phone in my kitchen is what brought me some attention.

The new lens I purchased is a wide angle 10 – 18mm.  She’s a beaut.  I can’t get over how great the images are that I’m getting.  I do appreciate some bokeh and a close-up shot – but these wide angle lenses… FORGETTABOUTIT.

Anyone out there reading this have a love for wide angle lenses?

Photo taken at Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA with the aforementioned Canon and 10-18mm lens.



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