the headache and the vagabond

These first few days of not working are much different than I anticipated.  I suppose I expected to wake up early every day, have my award winning novel written by Friday.  Relax for the weekend before setting off to the Northwest.

Instead I’m fighting off such a migraine, I can’t sleep for more than an hour or two at a time.  And I haven’t written much.  Is this normal?  Is the ‘normal’ life of 9-5 leaving my system?

I have immersed myself in the book Vagabonding:  An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts.  It’s filled with really great information for traveling.   Packing light, balancing between guidebooks/locals/experience.  But there is this great philosophy behind it as well I’ve (unknowingly) been attempting to apply to my life.

Living simply.  What’s really important?  The stuff or the experience?  I tried having the stuff – eh.  I tried balancing between keeping the stuff and also having the experiences – challenging and pricey.  As of January, I’ve tried the experience approach.  I left a lot of crap behind in Arizona save for my books, some of my clothes, and my two cats.  It all got shoved into my tiny ass car, and that’s it.  That’s what I have now.  It feels really good.  Since January, the push has been to release.  To get to that financial stability to let go and look out and up.

It’s scary as fuck and this is feeling more wobbly than I thought I’d face.  But, I’m doing okay.  I just need to get into a routine with the writing portion of it.  I’m not used to structuring my day around my passion.  The passion, if possible, squeezes around my day.  It’s been that way for so long, I’m recalibrating.

As I make this adjustment, please look forward to better content.

Read some Rolf Potts, though.  It’s calming.  And fucking eye-opening.

Random poll:  Does it matter to anyone if I add my location to the posts?  Curious if people like to see that sort of thing.

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