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About a month ago I noticed my one cat was breathing funny.  Almost the way a human breathes when congested in the chest, and you can hear the phlegm rattle around.  Her sister has been fine, I’ve seen nothing happening, I took them both in anyway.

Cats’ names are Torpedo and Skull Crusher, by the by.

Crusher is the one who is not breathing well.

The doctor told me she is allergic to poultry.  I should start her on a diet of lamb or rabbit or venison.  She’s also a little overweight, but nothing crazy.  Just need to get her there.

Day one of attempting this diet did not go well.  Torpedo snubbed her nose at the food and hit her dish with an overdramatic ‘fuck this’ before leaving the room displeased.  Crusher tried.  It really felt like a bad omen, and for weeks I’ve been hand mashing wet foods together to wean off of the old and into the new; measuring dry foods out changing it just a bit every other day or so to get them used to the transition.

And also to be kind to their colon.

And, as of today, we’re looking good!  Today was the first day that both the dry food and wet food were 100% of the new brand/kind.  It kind of just worked out that way, I didn’t plan it that well measuring out the food.

They’re gobbling it up like nobody’s business!

I was discussing with a friend earlier today that the last couple days I noticed Crusher’s breathing has gotten so much better.  I haven’t heard her making the noise at all.  She used to rub her face on everything, and she doesn’t anymore.

She’s been more active.  She was always a sweet cat, but kind of a loner.  Now she’s all up in my face and meowing.  (She rarely meowed.  The first two or three months after rescuing her, she’d open her mouth, but not a single noise came out.  I didn’t think she could!)

Her coat looks really good, she isn’t shedding as ferociously.

I’m just so ecstatic that after a few weeks of getting through this, we got there.

Now, really, just to work on Torpedo’s threatening gaze since technically she didn’t have to go on this diet…..


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