the sad of politics; the sad of people

I think the hashtag following Trump right now is #goldengate?  So many people commended Meryl Streep for calling out Trump’s impression of a disabled reporter, yet everyone is so quick to jump on this train to make fun of Trump.

“Disrespect invites disrespect.”  – Meryl Streep

I find it interesting how a lot of people want to blame Russia for hacking and changing the voting outcome.

After seeing how everyone reacts to everyone else, is it really that hard to believe that Trump was put in the President-Elect seat without Russian hacking as a boost?  Regardless of Trump’s business affiliations globally, seeing how everyone is acting towards each other makes it harder for me to believe the Russians had anything to do with this.

It’s disappointing.

Be the bigger man.

We should be attempting to unite no matter what – no matter how easy the jokes – regardless of what you think of Trump and how he’s treated others – regardless of what you think of those who voted for Trump.

I’m seeing so many lower themselves to a platform they’ve judged just two, three days before.

It needs to stop somewhere.



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