when the electronics fail

While I’m thankful for my cell phone as a plan B computer, I prefer to look at my photos and social media through my laptop.

Somehow?!  When arriving in Iceland, my charger went kablooey and I had to wait until I was back in the states to be able to use my laptop.  I think it has something to do with the adapter I had for the camper, they didn’t connect too well. But that was a huge bummer.

It ended up throwing me off my game posting every Sunday like a good little blogging girl.

And then life the last few weeks…….?

That gravy train of excuses popped up. I shamefully hit up every stop.  There were souvenir shops, and people I hadn’t seen in a while, rumors of a carnival….

You know…. the usual bullshit.

In general, Sunday was working out well to post, but my work schedule recently changed. Which has surprisingly been a negative hit and now Sunday’s are suddenly terrible to sit down and write.

I will start posting every Thursday instead.

No, seriously.  I will.

Usually my feelings about this blog are very insecure and when I don’t keep up with posting once a week, I am blanketed with guilt and disappointment in myself. The last few weeks, however, have been a different experience. Some pretty neat things went down in my own personal life, but amazing and tragic things on a national and global level as well. And ultimately, I have a lot to say. And whether anyone cares about reading this blog, I have a voice and an opinion and this is my little sliver of the world where I can release all of my words and energy and maybe, hopefully, one day, these words and these experiences will make a difference in someone else’s life for the better.

Just a quick little hello today – more thorough and juicy stuff will return on Thursday.

(Nah… seriously… it will…. I have TWO working laptop chargers now.)



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